An esoteric translation of the fairy story Aladdin into the archetypal language of the mysterious Tarot.

This body of work consists mainly of ten large scale mixed media paintings, each representing a segment of the Aladdin story as a part of the stories archetypal path and symbolic structure. This type of exploration in structure is referred to as hermeneutics, here focusing on the symbolic aspects of the story. These works are an exploration of symbolic imagery, applied in a systematic manor and worked across each of the ten segments that the archetypal path the story Aladdin follows and corresponds to when translated into the symbolic language of the Tarot. I describe this exploration as two archetypal languages meeting in translation in an imaginary depiction of the sea of archetypes Jung describes as the collective unconscious, this juxtaposition of styles and the disruption of the picture plane considers a notion of altered narrative spaces.

Harriet’s retelling of Aladdin incorporated a female heroin, Alladdina which is the title of this exhibition.


Aladdina was Harriet’s final year MFA Exhibition shown as part of the 2009 Graduate Show at the University Of Ulster, York Street, Belfast. Here are some more photos from the gallery: