Candy Coated


Candy Coated

The title ‘Candy Coated’ refers to the gloss of the mass media and its mollifying of realities, constructing, influencing and mobilize current political ideas, social viewpoints and shifting focus from where our consumables come from in order to keep the current economic systems functioning sugar-coating societies darker side.

This body of mixed media paintings invites the viewer to consider many concepts and conveys these ideas in a modern twist on traditional storybook and nursery rhyme scenes, merging contemporary children’s culture through integration and juxtaposition of visual iconography from Kitsch or populist culture while involving my current environmental and social concerns. These works explore people’s preconceptions of stories, styles and characters, often invoking unease because the work doesn’t follow the expected format.

This body of work was created during Harriet’s first year of her MFA at the University of Ulster in Belfast. The work was first shown publicly on board The Belfast Barge as part of her 2008 end of year class show. The Belfast Barge is a 600 ton cargo barge moored on the river Lagan situated behind the Waterfront Hall on Lanyon Quay, Belfast City.  The director of the ‘The Frameworks Art Gallery’ on the Ormeau Road, Belfast bought four of the paintings at the Boat Show’s reception for exhibition and resale at his gallery.

The rest of the works were shown that summer in Co. Sligo as part of Harriet’s first solo exhibition outside of art school. Candy Coated exhibited at Teach Bán Nua Gallery, Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo from 14th to 26th June 2008, with the opening reception on Saturday the 14th from 2-7pm.

Here are some photos from these exhibitions: