Electro’Cute is a body of paintings, drawings and sculpture portraying Harriet’s  surreal fairy-tale of a “strange futuristic ice age, inhabited by cybernetic sweethearts and cute bionic animal mutants”. Harriet ignites our imaginations with depictions of strange yet alluring characters presented as fragments of a  non-linear narrative of survival in a bleak snowy world. Here nature has become dependent on technology and the environment is uninhabitable without its aid. These cybernetic implants and breathing devices function by relying on mutant animals that have been especially bred to support these technology dependent humans.

Harriets 2010 solo exhibition, ‘Electro’Cute’ was shown at the SafeHouse Gallery, located on Donegall Street in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. The exhibition ran from 12th – 19th December 2010.

Here are some photos of the exhibition and opening reception: