Who Pulls the Strings?

2013 – 2014

Who Pulls the Strings?

This body of work includes paintings and drawings with a Jungian theme, exploring concepts derived from this and an esoteric interpretation of the classic children’s story Pinocchio.

Jung believed that, to be psychologically healthy, one must strike a balance between the demands of society and what we really are, in being oblivious to one’s persona he believed that to be underestimating the importance of society, but to be unaware of one’s deep individuality, is to become society’s puppet.
‘Who Pulls The Strings?’ is an exhibition based on this Jungian notion, an exploration of ideas and narratives set in psychedelic dreamscape depicting puppet characters in metaphysical worlds



Video by White Lady Art from the opening reception July 6th 2013 featuring AFRESH Zimbabwean folk band who performed on the night.

Harriets 2013 – 2014 solo exhibition, ‘Who Pulls The Strings?’ was originally shown at Dublin ‘White Lady Art’ Gallery in Temple Bar then located at 14 Wellington Quay. The opening night was July 6th 2013 the show ran for four weeks until July 27th.

The second showing of ‘Who Pulls The Strings?’ was at Teach Bán – Art Gallery – Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, in the West of Ireland the exhibition opened on Saturday 12th of April 2014 and ran until the 27th.

Here are some photos from the galleries and opening receptions: